Application Checklist

Application Checklist

Application Checklist
  • 1.  Watch the seminar online

  • 2.  Submit your application form and attach your CV

  • 3.  Download the preparing for police selection booklet

  • 4.  You will receive notification once we have completed initial vetting

  • 5.  Attend a Physical Appraisal Test (PAT) rehearsal

    A PAT rehearsal allows you to practice the physical appraisal test in the company of other potential recruits and our helpful recruitment staff. This will not be assessed - it is an opportunity to gauge where you are at in terms of your fitness and to get training tips for areas where you need to work on. To book into a PAT rehearsal in your area, please call 0800 NEWCOPS.

  • 6.  Have an initial telephone conversation

    We’ll give you call. This is a chance for us to ask you some questions and get to know you a little better.

  • 7.  Complete your Health Questionnaire

    We’ll send you a health questionnaire to complete. Depending on circumstances you may also need to complete an asthma questionnaire, vision examination and/or an opthalmological certificate at this stage.

  • 8.  Obtain your Swimming Certificate of Competency

    You need a Swimming Certificate of Competency prior to sitting your fitness (PAT) and psychometric assessments. Click here to download a PDF with swimming testing centres in your area.

  • 9.  Submit your Recruit Additional Information

    Once your medicals have been cleared you’ll be sent a Recruit Additional Information form which will ask for extra details such as the areas you would like to be posted to upon graduation at police college.

  • 10.  Attend assessment day

    You will be invited to attend an assessment day which will include a psychometric assessment, a computer skills test, typing test, personality profile and a foundation skills test. You may also be asked to take a physical competency test. You can get more information about these in the 'Preparing for Police Selection' booklet.

  • 11.  You need to take a photocopy of the following documents and bring the copies and originals with you to the assessment day.

    Full birth certificate (must show parents’ names)
    Passport (if you have one)
    Proof of NZ Residency or NZ Citizenship (if applicable)
    Educational certificates
    Firearms Licence (if applicable)
    Full or Restricted NZ Driver Licence
    Swimming Certificate

  • 12.  Pass the Physical Appraisal Test (PAT)

  • 13.  Interview

    Attend a formal interview with our recruitment staff.

  • 14.  SCOPE tests & fingerprinting

    You’ll get a chance to work alongside our frontline police officers for 40 hours. It’s a good opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the career. You’ll also need to provide us with your fingerprints during your SCOPE placement.

  • 15.  Reference checks

    We require you to provide us with at least three referees who can provide some more information about your character and working style.

  • 16.  Workplace First Aid Certificate

    You can arrange this through St John, the Red Cross or Triple One Care. The courses must meet NZQA units 6400, 6401 and 6402. Please note this course is to be arranged at your own expense.

  • 17.  Defensive Driving Certificate

    You can arrange this through New Zealand Transport Agency.

  • 18.  Complete a final medical questionnaire

  • 19.  Accepted into the Candidate Pool!