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Madie and Julia's Story

Positioned on 'K' Road in Auckland, Otis Frizzell stencilled a foot chase scene, depicting the story of two officers, Constable Julia Vahry, and Constable Madeline Roberts. The officers are executing a perfect pincer movement as the perpetrator runs into their well-laid trap.

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Good Pay

After graduating from Royal NZ Police College you'll earn a salary of $52,860, with a total remuneration of around $59,170 for the first year. On average, officers in their first year also earn around $5,500 in additional payments such as allowances and overtime. Your pay is likely to increase with experience on the job and promotions as you advance through your career. Remuneration includes salary, superannuation, life insurance, and allowances. Read more

Safety on the Job

Police work is exciting, filled with adrenalin and satisfaction. You run towards the danger when others need your help. Of course, this brings an element of risk - but it's carefully calculated

At police college you'll be trained to diffuse potentially dangerous situations using communication skills and you'll learn how to use state-of-the-art equipment such as protective vests, pepper spray, tasers, and working with police dog teams. On the job, 1 in 1,000 incidents involve the use of pepper spray. Approximately 1 in 3,000 involve a taser. Using force is a last resort and in 80% of cases involving taser, your communication skills and simply showing the taser is enough to safely de-escalate the incident. 

You'll be working beside experienced team mates who will always look out for you. It's our priority to prepare you to be as safe as possible so you can perform your duties in the community with confidence. Read more