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Effective from 31 March 2020, NZ Police Executive Leadership Board (ELB) agreed on a pause on hiring for all re-join appointments, until further notice.

In recent years, NZ Police have experienced successful recruitment campaigns and re-joins are only one of many strategies that are considered to meet resourcing needs.  For a period of time now, there have been limited opportunities for former police officers to re-join the organisation.  It is important that we are transparent with those that wish to return, that the opportunities to do so are unlikely to occur in the foreseeable future.

NZ Police re-join policy indicates that to be considered a re-join you must have successfully completed the re-join recruitment process, been appointed to a position and commenced work again for Police prior to the fifth year anniversary of your previous cessation of employment.

If you wish to re-join and are outside this timeframe, you will need to complete the full recruit selection process, and if successful, complete the 16 week Initial Training Course at the Royal NZ Police College. Recognition of prior learning may be taken into account, and training requirements may be determined on a case by case basis and managed by the Training Service Centre.

NZ Police Rejoin Recruitment Process

The re-join application process involves the following steps:

  • Complete an “Expression of Interest” (EOI) form which will be reviewed by your previous District, your preferred District (if different) and Police Professional Conduct
  • If your EOI to re-join is supported, you will be invited to formally apply online
  • The re-join recruitment process which is similar to the Selection Process (including a full medical review with the same medical standards as Recruits, but no requirement to complete some steps like PAT, Distance Learning, SCOPE, Psychometric and Literacy Assessments)
  • Once you have successfully completed all of the recruitment requirements you will be placed in the National Candidate Pool and your preferred posting District will be notified.


Please refer to this page for future updates.  Should you have any questions, please email