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Health and Safety

  • If you are injured or ill, do not train. Seek professional medical advice if in doubt.
  • Always warm up and warm down when exercising.
  • Food, hydration, and outdoor weather protection all need to be part of your training routine.
  • Train with a friend where possible, for both enjoyment and safety

Build the base first. Complete 4-5 runs per week (avoid treadmills).

  • Session 1: 25min in flat terrain (easy/slow pace – see ledger below)
  • Session 2: 20min in Fartlek (1min slow/1min easy/1min steady/1min hard/repeat)
  • Session 3: 30min in undulating terrain (easy/slow pace)
  • Session 4: 2.4km self test followed by 10min easy/slow pace
  • Session 5: 20min in Fartlek (1min slow/1min easy/1min steady/1min hard/repeat)

Increase the duration of each session by 3-5min per week.

Run speed ledger


Steady 2.4km pace
Slow 40-50% below 2.4km pace
Easy 20-30% below 2.4km pace
Hard 10-20% faster than 2.4km pace
Attempt a 2.4km run

Map out a 2.4km distance and test yourself.

Vertical jump

You must train both, the explosive power in your legs, as well as the technique and co-ordination of the jump.

  • Start with your arms straight in front of your body. 
  • As you bend your knees, let your arms swing past your sides and slightly behind you.
  • Spring up from your crouch position and bring the arms forward, allowing the arm closest to the board to continue all the way up to hit the board.

The best training for this activity is to practice the vertical jump itself.

  • Warm up with a series of dynamic movements, including double leg squat, single leg squat and 4-5 sub-maximal practice vertical jumps.
  • Complete 6-8 repetitions of maximum vertical jump movements, with 45-60sec rest between each maximal vertical jump repetition.
  • Your vertical jump training should occur 3-4 times per week.
Push ups
Hand placement

Remember it is quality first, then quantity!

Lie on the ground, arms straight out from the body (in a cross position) and get someone to mark the inside of your elbows. This is where your middle fingers should be placed to give you your hand position.

90 degree push-up

Elbow and shoulder joint horizontal at bottom of push-up, then extend fully at the elbow (elbow straightens) back to the starting position.

  • 4 sets of 50-65% of your maximum number of push up repetitions.
  • Complete 3 sessions per week (rest day between sessions).
Grip strength

You are training for maximum strength, not endurance.

Locate a small block of wood approximately 45-75mm wide and 10-20mm deep (depends on the size of your hand).

  • Maximally squeeze the block of wood for 5-8sec on each hand.
  • Rest for 60sec.
  • Repeat 3-5 times.
  • Grip strength training should be completed two to three times per week.