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Great Salary & Opportunities from the Start

You'll earn a great salary and learn valuable skills from day one, and there will be loads of opportunities to branch out into different roles. As a Police Officer, you’ll make a real difference to the lives of people in the community.

Learn and earn

During your 16 weeks training at the Royal NZ Police College, you’ll be paid:

Annual Salary: $39,514
Superannuation subsidy: $4,024
Insurance subsidy: $208

Total per year: $43,747

Great pay from the start

In your first year out of college, you'll get an annual salary of:

Salary: $57,795
Superannuation subsidy: $5,886
Insurance subsidy: $208
PCT payment: $786

Total per year: $64,675 

You could also earn an additional $6,500 in allowances and overtime. Further pay increases will depend on your role, shift patterns, and promotion.

Pay increases with experience

The average annual salary for an officer working in their fifth year is:

Salary: $64,390
Superannuation subsidy: $6,557
Insurance subsidy: $208
PCT payment: $786

Total per year: $71,641

You can potentially earn additional pay for allowances and overtime.

Make a real difference to NZ

You’ll be responsible for preventing and solving crime and helping people when they need it most. This is your chance to make a real difference in your community and to New Zealand.

More career choices

There are over 30 areas of policing that you can work in. After two years as a probationary constable, you can apply for other policing roles including youth education, neighbourhood policing, dive squad, dog handler, search and rescue, criminal investigation and more.

A team of mates

Being part of the Police comes with an important sense of belonging. You’ll make lasting friendships with people who believe in the same qualities of loyalty, commitment, integrity, and fairness as you do. You can count on them for support, encouragement, and to have your back.

Fitness for life

As a Police Officer, you’ll be encouraged to be at your physical best. It’s a role that will keep both your mind and body active. Most police districts have gym facilities available, and you’ll benefit from lots of ongoing training and development opportunities too.

Balancing your life

You’ll balance leisure time, family life and work. We offer flexible employment opportunities and rostered hours that create more flexibility and time off than most other careers. All probationary constables and most Police Officers work on a rostered basis.

There are usually three shifts

6:30am to 3:30pm
1:30pm to 11:30pm
10:30pm to 6:30am

Police Officers usually get 3-4 days a week off, rather than just two. With a bit of planning, you can get more time for recreation and whānau than in other careers.

The latest mobile tech

You’ll always have the latest in mobile technology, and these devices come installed with specialised police applications.