New Cops | Do you care enough?

Police work is exciting, filled with adrenalin and satisfaction. You run towards the danger when others need your help. Of course, this brings an element of risk - but it's carefully calculated.

Police safety is paramount

Keeping you safe is of vital importance, which is why we have a serious attitude toward safety in the line of duty.

At Royal New Zealand Police College (RNZPC) you'll be trained to defuse potentially dangerous situations using communication skills and you'll learn how to use state-of-the-art equipment such as protective vests, pepper spray, tasers, as well as working with police dog teams. On the job, 1 in 1000 incidents involves the use of pepper spray. Approximately 1 in 3,000 involves a taser. Using force is a last resort and in 80% of cases involving taser, your communication skills and simply showing the taser is enough to safely de-escalate the incident.

You'll be working with experienced team mates who will always look out for you. It's our priority to prepare you to be as safe as possible so you can perform your duties in the community with confidence.

How do we keep you safe on the job?

Police training

At the RNZPC you'll carry out extensive safety training to prepare you for difficult situations you may encounter as a police officer.

On-the-job support

You'll work as a probationary officer for your first two years, during which time you'll be paired with experienced officers who will show you the ropes.

Personal protective equipment

You'll be issued with state-of-the-art protective clothing and equipment to help keep you safe while in the line of duty.

Workplace assessment programme

During your probationary period, you'll be assessed in various disciplines under the Workplace Assessment Programme, to make sure you're ready to work on your own.

Safety policies and procedures

Following the established police safety policies and procedures will considerably reduce your chances of coming to any harm on the job.

Physical fitness

You'll be encouraged to stay physically fit and healthy, to help reduce your risk of injury at work.

Protecting each other

Your police training will show you how to protect yourself and others from harm. Remember, your colleagues will always be looking out for you, just as you'll be looking out for them.

It's your call

Police work may be dangerous at times, but it's also incredibly rewarding and offers opportunities like no other job. When you join the police, you'll have the support and respect of your colleagues and the community. You'll finish your day knowing that your actions have prevented others from coming to harm. But in the end, only you can decide whether police work is right for you.

Incidences of NZ Police officers coming to serious harm are very low. NZ Police officers enjoy lower injury rates than workers in industries like manufacturing and farming. And when you consider the unpredictability of the environments in which police officers work, the excellent safety record held by NZ Police is even more impressive.

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