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Possible Careers

Looking for professional development? After working as a probationary constable for two years you'll have a vast number of different police jobs and career pathways open to you.

You can decide to remain as a General Duties Constable, study for promotions and leadership positions or specialise in a variety of areas. Browse through the list to find out about some of the specialist units within NZ Police.


  • Armed Offenders Squad
  • Air Support Unit
  • Criminal Investigation Group
  • Commercial Vehicle Unit
  • Child Protection Team
  • Deployments
  • Dog Handling
  • Diplomatic Protection Service
  • New Zealand Police Dive Squad
  • Evaluation Unit
  • Financial Intelligence Unit
  • Forensics
  • General Duties

    In your first two years on the job you will work as a general duties probationary constable. Here you’ll respond to emergencies and help prevent crime in communities. This will include family violence incidents, street disorder, road crashes, investigating stolen cars, attending major sports events and locating missing people.

  • Highway Patrol
  • Interpol
  • International Services Group
  • Kaitakawaenga Liaison (Ethnic Liaison)
  • Licensing and Vetting
  • Maritime Unit
  • Organised Crime and Drug Unit

    The role of the organised crime and drugs unit is to combat drugs manufacturing and distribution. The unit disrupts organised crime groups (including gangs) and dismantles their asset base and profits. Drugs and organised crime lead vulnerable people into addiction and if left unchecked, can create an environment where crime can thrive. Families grieve for loved ones who lose their lives in disputes, and children who are exposed to a drug-induced environment are often robbed of their futures. The good news is that NZ Police is winning the war. Organised criminals are starting to get the message: that New Zealand is NOT a good place for them to do business. If this career pathway interests you, you will need to complete training in the criminal investigations branch first, before applying to specialise into the unit.

  • Police Prosecution Services
  • Road Policing Support
  • Search & Rescue
  • Serious Crash Investigation unit

    Members of the Serious Crash Investigation Unit identify the cause of serious crashes through the processes of evidence gathering, mechanical investigation, forensic testing and witness and victim involvement.

  • Strategic Intelligence Unit

    The main objective of the new Strategic Intelligence Unit (SIU) is to increase New Zealand's capability and understanding of the domestic and international security environment. The unit will provide strategic and tactical intelligence on terrorism. It will also provide intelligence on complex national and transnational criminal activities that potentially impact the national security of New Zealand and other countries. These activities include people smuggling, identity document fraud and money laundering.

  • Strategic Traffic Unit

    By focusing on reducing drink and drugged driving, speeding and fatigued driving, members of the Strategic Traffic Unit work to reduce crashes and crash related injuries and fatalities.

  • Special Tactics Group

    The Special Tactics Group (STG) deals with armed incidents beyond the capability of the Armed Offender Squads, and provides protection to high risk persons. STG staff also collect information about criminal activities.

  • Team Policing

    Team policing units police in a pro-active and preventative fashion by visiting public places, drinking establishments and events which attract gatherings of people in order to ensure liquor laws are upheld and people behave in a peaceful and orderly fashion.

  • VIP Protection Squad
  • School Community Services
  • Neighbourhood Policing Team
  • Youth Aid Section

    Members of NZ Police's Youth Aid Section work with youth who may have committed an offence in order to find positive alternatives to re-offending.