New Cops | Do you care enough?

Getting into NZ Police isn’t a walk in the park – but it's definitely worth the effort. To be accepted into NZ Police training you'll need to be fit enough to pass the police physical tests, and bright enough to complete a range of assessments. You'll also need to show that you have the right attitude and personal qualities to be a police officer.

If you think you might not be fit enough, or you have any other doubts about your suitability for the job, the training advice below will help you become a better recruit. Follow the advice, and you'll definitely increase your chances of being accepted into NZ Police training.

Already Applied?

Download this "Preparing for Police Selection" booklet, if you've already completed your application. This booklet contains tips and suggestions to help you prepare for your initial assessment day, right through to reaching Royal New Zealand Police College (RNZPC).

Start Straight Away

The earlier you start the constabulary recruitment process, the sooner you'll be ready to start your NZ Police training. The best time to start is while you're still at school, engaged in tertiary education, or while you’re already in a job if you have one.

Many of the early stages of the police constabulary recruitment process can fit around your other commitments. That means you don't need to wait until you've finished school or quit your job to apply.

It will also help your case if you show us that you're committed to working or learning, rather than applying after a lengthy employment gap. You'll need to explain the reasons for this if you are.

Show Your Community Spirit

Being a police officer requires more than just physical fitness and intelligence. You'll also need to be community-minded and display a positive attitude.

To become a better applicant, and increase your chances of being accepted into NZ Police training, you might want to think about doing some work in your community. This could include:

  • Working with a community group
  • Joining a community patrol
  • Coaching sports
  • Mentoring young people
  • Volunteering
  • Fundraising.